About The Farm

Studt Farms is owned and operated by Ward and Jennifer Studt. Studt’s Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze is one of the most fun and exciting parts of the farm! Most of the year, Ward and Jennifer grow grain crops and raise livestock. They farm corn, wheat, hay, and pinto beans in addition to pumpkins. They also run a large sheep operation known as Chacon Sheep Company. The crops along with the corn maze and pumpkins are planted in the spring and early summer. Pumpkins are one of the first fall crops to be harvested! They are also one of the most beautiful. Visiting the pumpkin patch give a tiny glimpse into the beauty of farm life. As any farmer knows, farming isn’t a job, it is a life. It is one of the most consuming ways to make a living yet one of the most rewarding. Ward and Jennifer enjoy getting to change their pace and focus from farming to others for one month each year. They enjoy watching the visitors bond with their family, enjoy the outdoors, and participate in quality, clean, and meaningful fun.

Studt’s Family History

Studt’s original pumpkin patch was started over 30 years ago by Ward’s parents, Jeep and Priscilla Studt. They were farmers and grew a wide variety of vegetables and crops including pumpkins. Visitors came to the farm to pick and purchase the bright orange beauties. They instilled a love for farming in their son Ward. Later, Jeep and Priscilla moved on to other things, but Ward remembered the pumpkin patch. Almost 15 years ago, Ward re-opened the pumpkin patch for the community. A you-pick event for young and old. Soon, he added a corn maze. A few years later, Ward and Jennifer began dating and decided to run a bigger and better pumpkin patch together. Many of the familiar things visitors see today such as the Giant Slide, Hay Mountain, and the Dark Acres Haunted Maze were begun that year. By the end of their first year’s business adventure, the two had fallen in love with one another and were a few months later married. They primarily farm and ranch throughout the year with grain crops and a few thousand head of sheep. They have been blessed with two children and the whole family has a special place in their heart’s for the one month out of the year they get to share a sliver of their rural life with the community.